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Quinn's Story - One Method of Relief from Difficult Periods

On July 28th 2018, Quinn, age 16 made her way to downtown Boston to see one of her favorite bands, Arctic Monkeys, in concert. Before going to the concert, she and her mom decided to get a light dinner of southern biscuits near the venue. What makes this experience different from other dining experiences that Quinn has had is that she was on her period. Her periods have always been heavy to the point where she had to hide her pants with a sweater because she bled through and even skipped school because of pain and nausea. While these two factors seem unrelated at first, they dictated the rest of the night for Quinn. As Quinn sat down to eat, she felt an immense amount of pain in her stomach. Throughout her dining experience, because of her pain, Quinn had to excuse herself from the table 3 times to throw up in the restroom. After this experience Quinn knew that it was time to reach out to her OB-GYN to discuss treatment options to better regulate her period and nausea. From here, Quinn started her journey on choosing what birth control type was right for her and her body. After much contemplation, Quinn decided to try out Nexplanon, which is a surgical based birth control.

Anika: How would you describe what Nexplanon is?

Quinn: I would describe Nexplanon as an implant based birth control. It is a bendy silicon rod that was surgically implanted in my arm.

Anika: How was the procedure for getting the implant in your arm?

Quinn: I first went over everything in detail about the procedure with my OB-GYN but I'll make a brief summary about it. So essentially what the doctor does is numb your arm, then they make an incision on the inside of your arm where they then take a Nexplanon applicator to slip the tube into your arm.

Anika: What was the recovery process like?