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You’ve heard the saying that “everyone has a story”, right? We all have a story, but which one inside of you do you want to share - to empower other women on their health journey?

IAWH's Advancing Her Health Through Stories is based on conversations with women who shared their stories with us, and confirmed its critical link to women connecting, building, and growing stronger in their health journey. In addition, health promotion research shows that storytelling that uses videos, letters, and newsletters is highly effective in educating and motivating women around certain health topics. 

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Image by Arnel Hasanovic


Writing, or Video submissions: You will write up to 800 words (no less than 500 words), OR record a video of 3 minutes or less.


Use a word processing program to draft and finalize you story. Yes, even your video submission should first be written and edited before you go before the camera – trust us – you’ll be glad that you did. Here are few tips for developing your video on a smartphone that was created in 2016, but informative nonetheless. 


Reaching out to you Phase I: After submission, within 48 hours you will receive an email from IAWH confirming receipt of your submission. 


Reaching out to you Phase II: Within two weeks from submission, you will receive an email confirming if we have questions, or the date when your story will be posted to the IAWH website.


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Share your story here, or email your video to IAWH.

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