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Meet the IAWH Fall 2021 American University Public Health Scholars and Intern

This fall, the Institute for the Advancement of Women’s Health (IAWH) welcome three first-year students from the American University Public Health Scholars program and one third-year, pre-med student intern. From September through December, Amber Bridget Sampson, Anika Kumar, Shadan Ramhani, and Adira Brenner will take on individual tasks and group project assignments that will allow them to explore the breadth of women’s health and support the IAWH mission.


Anika Kumar

Public Health Scholar

First Year Student


"I define women's health as a field of public health that works to address health issues women face resulting from social, political, and economic that women have to face everyday." 

Amber Bridget Sampson

Public Health Scholar

First Year Student

New York

"Women’s health is an all-inclusive branch of healthcare. It consists of things such as reproductive health, nutrition, all the way down to breast cancer prevention and more." 

Amber (2).jpg

Shadan Rahmani

Public Health Scholar

First Year Student


"Women's health focuses on the treatment and diagnosis of diseases that affect women. Problems such as breast cancer, ovarian and cervical cancer, and pregnancy issues are only a few of the many issues that women deal with. Further, this branch focuses on any medical issues related to women." 

Adira Brenner

Public Health Scholar

Third Year, Pre-Med

New Jersey

Women's health is the intersection of the physical and social health relating to Women and their bodies. I see women's health as not only being reproductive health, but the distinct understanding of how a women's body works and how it must be maintained. I also see women's health as the social stigmas and pressures that way on women and lead to detrimental behavior or outcomes that may manifest in physical or mental illness and strain on the body. 

Adira (2).jpg
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