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Menopause Out

Menopause Out Loud is a part of the IAWH Embracing Life's Evolution Project. 

IAWH is raising the bar on discussions about menopause by connecting the dots between a woman's transition into stages of menopause and what's happening in the rest of her life: caring for her family, excelling in her career, focusing on self-care to improve health status, or serving as caregiver for a loved one or friend.


IAWH's Response to Helping Women Live Strong through Menopause

The IAWH Menopause Out Loud program is new, and will bring relevant and regular content to you. Right now, we seek additional feedback from you to help us choose the right health experts to invite to our table to speak with you. Click here to share your thoughts. 

Menopause is a significant reproductive health issue and stage in a woman's life cycle, but many of us are not aware that it may raise risks for specific health problems. According to the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), planning for lifestyle changes, including learning behavioral therapies to promote self management of stress and other factors related to menopause, nutrition,  and exercise, can help enhance women's health during menopause. IAWH will play a role in educating and empowering women to utilize all that's available to build our bodies stronger and healthier. 


In early 2022, IAWH invited 12 women of various ethnicities between 30 and 85 from the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Georgia to help design a future 2022 event around menopause. Each woman contributed information about their lived experience, lifestyle, and preferences to help guide topics about the menopause conversation.


Each woman shared experiences that were obviously different - some women report no physical changes during perimenopause (first stage of menopause), while other women experience hot flashes, night sweats (heavy sweating that often disturbs sleep), and thinning and drying of vaginal tissue that can make sex painful.

IAWH's goal is to keep you current on information on all conditions related to menopause and risk factors in the post-menopausal years, help you prepare for conversations with your doctor, empower you to explore options available to your for treatment, and to show that you are not alone on in your menopause journey - no matter what that means for you. 


The Menopause Out Loud questionnaire is available here. We will gather your questions, thoughts, attitudes, and experiences related to menopause to bring more voices and perspectives to the events of this initiative. Your "lived experience" is what helps change all our lives. Please add your voice to the Menopause Out Loud conversation here.

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