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Partners in Life, Love, and Health

David and Phyllis are such a charming couple. They wanted to get on the same page about their health and decided to join the IAWH SMBP hypertension control community as a couple. They have lived in Maryland for the past 16 years, and are quite the artistic pair! Phyllis is an avid quilter, David plays the bass guitar and composes music, and together they enjoy collecting artwork. David and Phyllis are working hard to eat healthy and remind each other to do daily blood pressure checks. They’d like to remind others that when it comes to improving your health, keep at it and don’t get discouraged if you lose track along the way. Keep reading to learn more about this fascinating couple and their health journey.

Q: Tell us about yourself. For example, where were you born, what you do for a living, your hobbies/interests/activities, how long have you lived where you live now? If you are not native to where you currently live, what brought you there?

A (David): I was born in London, England. I was raised there until I was 14 when I emigrated to America with my father and two older sisters. My two elder brothers and sister stayed in England. We arrived in NYC and eventually settled in Binghamton, NY. I went to HS there and then on to College. My main hobby, interest and activity is music. I love playing the bass guitar and writing, composing and recording. I wish I loved working out as much as I do playing music. I would look fantastic! I've always had an artistic interest, but I believe Phyllis has really brought the love of graphic art out. Through her, I've gone to many museums and art shows and/or fairs. We've begun collecting art pieces and it is really enjoyable to have art on display in our house. We have lived in Maryland since 2006. Marriott brought us here. We really enjoy the 4 seasons and mild weather in Maryland. Prior to Maryland, we lived in Michigan (Detroit Metro) for about 10 years, before that we were in the Chicagoland Area (NW Indiana) for about 2-3 years. We met in Connecticut, where Phyllis is from.

A (Phyllis): I was born in Connecticut, my grandparents moved there from the south looking for work. We have lived in Maryland for about 15 years. David & I moved to Montgomery County, also for work. Until injury, I loved spin classes (bike). Now I enjoy walking. My maternal grandmother (who I never met) was a quilter in rural Georgia. One day, by chance, I saw an exhibit of African American quilters and I was hooked! I bought a sewing machine and began learning piecing and quilting. I am a member of Uhuru quilting guild in Prince Georges county. I love fabric and most every type of quilting and fiber art. I Would love to learn how to sew clothing.

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