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Welcome to the 
SMBP Hypertension Control
Data Dashboard

Using the Data Dashboard is Easy.

Welcome to the SMBP Hypertension Control Program dashboard. The dashboard is BEST viewed using your desktop or tablet.


This dashboard is for participants of the IAWH Self-Measured Blood Pressure Hypertension Program (July - December 2022).

1. Know your unique participant number. (If you do not have your number contact IAWH.)

2. Enter your participant number in the field located on the cover page of the dashboard. 

3. Toggle back and forth between Weekly and Monthly data using the bar found in the center top of the dashboard. "BACK". 

4. When inside the "WEEKLY" screen, use the drop-down menu to select the month you are interested in seeing.

5. Finally, if there are gaps in data, that means that data was not received. An empty field indicates that IAWH did not collect data from you via the MyDataHelps app.

Happy data mining and discovery!

Send questions to

Dashboard is best viewed via desktop or tablet.

Please use the dashboard to explore your blood pressure, heart rate, steps, and sleep performances during the six month program (July thru December 2022. 

The data can be used to identify trends and to set future goals. By all means take screenshots and share your data with your health provider.

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Dashboard is best viewed via desktop or tablet.

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