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Sisters on a Health Mission – Hypertension Management and Control

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Meet Carolyn and Celeste, two lovely sisters who have made the commitment to improve their health TOGETHER! This sister duo hails from the South side of Chicago (not far from where Michelle Obama grew up). As the “family health advisor,” Carolyn encouraged Celeste to join her in the Institute for the Advancement of Women's Health (IAWH) Self-Measured Blood Pressure (SMBP) hypertension control program and they are both glad they did.

They hold each other accountable for their health by sending each other reminders to do regular blood pressure checks, drink water, choose healthy foods, and track activity levels. Both sisters want to spread the word that adapting a healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight and takes time and persistence. Read their full profile below.

Q: Tell us about yourself. For example, where were you born, what you do for a living, your hobbies/interests/activities, how long have you lived where you live now? If you are not native to where you currently live, what brought you there?

A (Carolyn): I was born in Chicago. My family lived on the South side of Chicago-not far too far from where Michelle Obama grew up. My family moved to Pennsylvania due to my father's job when I was in junior high school. I finished high school in Downingtown, PA.

I am in transition as far as my career. I have worked in the field of education, floral design, health care and social work. I am currently working as a substitute teacher. I have many hobbies. I like to garden, dance, especially Latin dancing, music and swimming. My newest hobbies since COVID - I like to cycle and have reacquainted myself with African drumming (Djembe drum). I am very passionate about holistic health. I will look at all health options before taking a pill.