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Let's Keep Writing...

As I write this note to send to you, it looks like the sky is about to crack open for a downpour. The room where I am working is gradually becoming darker and the world outside is becoming silent. As I look just above my monitor, I can see the still and lush green trees in my neighborhood. The only sound I can hear is the sound of the keys clicking as I tap the keyboard. This is the most peace I have encountered all day.

Where are you now? Have you been able to find some calm, some peace, some serenity today? How many meetings did you have to attend online or in person? How many emails did you answer and how many are still unopened? How many distractions did you have while working today? How many adults or children required your attention? Is anything making you anxious or is everything alright?

This visual prompt above is just for you. Let it fill up the screen you are using. Get lost in the image and just for yourself, imagine where you would have to be to be able to have this view. What does the air feel like there? How does the air smell there? What can you hear there? How does this view, this image make you feel?

Now that you have freed your mind, just as we have done on Sundays in July, take five minutes to write, in stream of consciousness, about your day. It doesn't matter where you begin, just begin writing about what you did today, what you still have to do... who you encountered and how that encounter made you feel... what made you anxious... what made you feel good and accomplished... ALL OF IT. Give yourself five minutes.

I just did and after a day like today, it is freeing. Do it for you.

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