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Just How Gritty Have You Allowed Yourself to Get During Self-quarantine?

Many of us are working from home, at home - but not working, home schooling, housekeeping, and more. The complexity of life is magnified now more than ever as everything we do from eating, sleeping, working, exercising, and just trying to relax is taking place within the confines of our living spaces. It is reasonable to assume that some routine is going to slip and we will have to work twice as hard or fast to make up for the misstep or failed step because we just don’t feel like it.

But we should make sure that we don’t let the routines that keep us healthy and whole slip too much. As we get used to our new normal and keep an eye to the horizon for even more change into even another normal, IAWH talked with several women around the country about their routines or slipping routines and came up with this self-check.

· How many times have you worn the same clothes multiple days in a row– even with stains on them – that t-shirt, those sweat pants, that comfy stretchy cotton dress?

What? It’s comfortable!

· How many times have you not brushed your teeth, flossed, washed your face, pulled or shaved that stray facial hair, or even showered when you normally would have? Okay, so?